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We believe that at the very foundation of every company, the customer needs to come first and foremost! Without the customer there would be no company, no employees, and no suppliers. The only thing we care about is if you're satisfied with the products you bought as well as the service you were given!

Who We Are

Reach for the Sales Corporation is one of the nation’s leading wholesalers of Closeout merchandise. We began operating a small amazon store in Brooklyn New York and quickly got in to manufacturing and distributing products. We do all our shipping from our warehouse in Brooklyn. We offer our customers wholesale and closeout prices that will allow you to compete with large corporate retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, ETC.  If you are looking for a reliable source that can offer competitive pricing, comprehensive product variety, and outstanding service then Reach For The Sales is for you. We have always been dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients by providing high quality service at very competitive prices. We conduct business in an honest and ethical manner.

We sell only wholesale to business customers. Sorry we do not sell to consumers. You must apply for a web account and get approved before you will be able to view our full product offering and pricing. Once your registration is approved you will then be able to view pricing and order online

Our Philosophy